Best Funny Websites of Trump

Most people make fun of Donald Trump for his lifestyle. Specially, we see many memes on Facebook and Twitter of Donald Trump. His lifestyle is getting trolled most of the time. However, some of his fans or haters (I am not sure what are they) have made some funny websites featuring him. These websites are not only funny but also well designed which attracts most Web Designers. In this blog, I have mentioned these funny websites.

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1. TrumpSults

TrumpSult - TechneSiyam

Whenever you enter , you will be shocked to see heads of Trump. If you hover your mouse on these heads they will start to give famous speeches of Trump. These speeches are random so you hear different Speeches for different Heads.

2. TrumpLings 

TrumpLings - TechneSiyam

We all have heard about Dumplings, but what are Trumplings? Yes, you guessed right. This is a combination of Trump and Dumplings. After entering, you will notice Dumplings of Trump's head is dropping from above. Like TrumpSults whenever one trumpling drops you will hear one speech from Trump. You can add more Trumpling by pressing the plus (+) on your keyboard.

3. BouncingTrump

BouncingTrump - TechneSiyam

As the name suggests, when you enter you will see Trump's head bouncing from one corner of your screen to another. The funniest thing is, when you click on one head it turns into two.

4. PoopOnTrump

Poop On Trump - TechneSiyam

On the website, you will have to poop on Trump. Yes, you read it right. On this website you will see one big trump face, you have to add poop emoji (💩) above that face. You can add poops by clicking on the face. You can also make the emojis bigger or smaller. The interesting thing is when you are happy with your poop (I mean the image) you can share it on Twitter or Facebook.

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