What Bill Gates says about Bitcoin?

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Bill Gates talks about investing in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has become another way of making investments. And Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Investors are always looking into Bitcoin's price to make some profit from it. 

Especially, after Elon Musk's Tesla invested $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin, many new investors are now interested in cryptocurrencies. But the world's third-richest person Bill Gates seems to be not interested in Bitcoins.
While Elon Musk promotes cryptocurrencies through his social media accounts, Bill Gates says not to invest in Bitcoin. He suggests that someone shouldn't trade in Bitcoin if he doesn't have enough spare money.

He says in an interview -
My general thought would be that if you have less money than Elon, you should probably watch out

He also adds -

Elon has tons of money and he's very sophisticated, so I don't worry that his Bitcoin will sort of randomly go up or down

On 20th February, Bitcoin's value rose about 65% and from that Tesla has almost profited $1 Billion. But after that, the value dropped by 20%.

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