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Brave is now one of the most popular web browsers alongside Chrome and Firefox. It is a free and open-source web browser that mainly focuses on users' privacy and security. As a result, it gained many users in a short period of time. Brave has more than 25 million active users per month now.

Brave announced to launch its own search engine in early March of this year. And finally, Brave is testing out this search engine. Though only some selected creators are able to try this search engine currently. And fortunately, we were one of the testers. So, we are going to share our thoughts on this post about the search engine.


Brave Search Engine Appearance - TechneSiyam
Brave Search Engine Settings

The Brave search engine has a simple UI design like Google's search engine. It has both light mode and night mode. You can change the mode from "Settings" as per your preference.

Brave is actually using Tailcat search engine to show the results. Tailcat is another open-source privacy search engine developed by Cliqz.

Brave Search Engine Results - TechneSiyam
Brave Search Results


We have already mentioned that Brave is working to protect users' privacy. The Brave search engine is also going to be a privacy-preserving anonymous search engine like the Brave browser. As Brave says, this search engine will not track users as Google's search engine does.
For localized search results Brave search engine will use broadcast addresses instead of sharing users' IP addresses. As a result, users' IP addresses stay private and protected. But if you want search results from other locations than your actual location, you can do that too through selecting location manually. We think this is a very useful feature.

Brave Search Engine Map Setting - TechneSiyam
Brave Search Engine - Map Setting


The Brave browser already shows anonymous ads without targeting the users and Brave will bring the ads to their search engine too. Brave is going to provide a paid subscription plan for users who want ad-free search results. But any user will be able to use the search engine totally for free with ads.

This is just the beta version we tested and Brave says they are going to add more privacy-friendly advanced features which will increase the user experience.

Even if you want to test the Brave Seach Engine, you can sign up to the waiting list here -

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