A Simple University Management System (UMS) Console Program in Java with Project Files

A Simple "University Management System" (UMS) Console Program in Java with Project Files
University Management System in Java


Create a console program in Java for University Management System or UMS. The program should contain all four basic concepts of OOP -
  1. Encapsulation
  2. Abstraction
  3. Inheritance &
  4. Polymorphism


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In our project, we have three folders -
  1. classes : This folder includes all the classes used for the program.
  2. fileio : This folder is used to create and store files. This also contains java program to write and read from those files.
  3. interfaces : It contains the interfaces of the program.
The "Start.java" is the main file of this java program.

In the classes folder, we have two abstract classes named Student & Faculty. The Student abstract class is inherited by another class named StudentDatabase. And Faculty abstract class is inherited by a class named FacultyDatabase

In the fileio folder, we have StudentReadWrite FacultyReadWrite classes. StudentReadWrite class is used to create a .txt format text file named Students.txt which stores the students list when new student is added. In similar way, the FacultyReadWrite class creates a text file named Faculties.txt which stores the faculties list.

And in the interfaces folder, we have two interfaces StudentManagementFacultyManagement. Both of these interfaces contains the methods for StudentDatabase FacultyDatabase classes.

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