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Ecosia - Search Engine

Nowadays we are using so much internet that we almost need to search online every moment. And we use "GOOGLE" mostly. But there are other search engines too which people don't know about. As they are not as big as Google they can stand beside and they are not well-known.

And "ECOSIA" ( is one of the little known search engines. This search engine helps to maintain ecological balance. Yes, you read it right.

Actually, this search engine uses the revenue it earns from its website in planting trees. This organization says they spend 80% of their earning in planting trees.

Search Engine:

Ecosia CEO
Christian Kroll - Ecosia CEO

'Ecosia' is a German company, it's CEO "Christian Kroll". This search engine was released in 7th December of 2009. At that time it was using "Bing" & "Yahoo" search engines' algorithms to show search results. But now it uses Bing and its own algorithm for search results.

From 2018, Ecosia started working on privacy. Whereas Google is known for selling users data, this search engine started securing users' data. It encrypts every search and doesn't store the searches directly on the device.

It has both Android and IOS apps.

However, you can also use it with browsers. You have to install an extension in your browser for that.

By Traffic, Ecosia is the world's #377th Website. (Alexa Rank) [14 February 2020]

Profit & Use:

Ecosia earns by showing ads above original search results. These ads are mainly shown by Yahoo. Ecosia shares that it earns 0.005 euros for every ad. And it can plant a tree every 0.8second.

Besides search result ads Ecosia has a merchandise site named "Ecosia Clothing" ( where it sold their t-shirts for profit.

As of 2011, Ecosia earned more than 250,000 euros. And it has planted more than 84million trees.        

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