Facebook has Released an App for Couples Only

Tuned App Screenshot | TechneSiyam
Tuned App: Iphone Screenshot

After dating app facebook has realised a special app for couples named Tuned. When people are passing their time through quarantine in this Corona pandemic, facebook has released this app for couples.

Facebook has created this app to give couples a private place to chat with their partners. Facebook says, couples can now share private talks with their partners more securely and privately through this app.

This app was released in 7th April. For now, this app is only available in Apple's app store in UK and Canada. This is developed by  facebook's New Product Experimentation (NPE) team. This team develops different types of apps for experiment.


  • Newsfeed like facebook but only available to couples.
  • Users can share audio, image and notes. 
  • Users can set their Mood in profile. So that, their partners can check them.
  • Users can connect their spotify account with this app. And later they can share their favourite songs and lists with their partners.
Though facebook has said its a private place for couples, its hard to believe facebook's privacy.

Moreover, in this huge marketplace of thousands of apps how well it can perform thats a big question.

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