Top 5 Sites To Download Bangla Font

Top 5 Sites To Download Bangla Font
Top 5 sites to download Bangla font

I don't think I need to remind you how much Bengalis love their language. The use of Bangla is not now limited only to communicate in real life. From graphics design to social media Bangla is widely used in online media. So, to share our thoughts through the online world we need Bangla fonts installed in our device.

Thats why, in this blog we have shared top 5 websites where you can download your most loved Bangla fonts. You can download Bangla fonts from all of the sites totally free. But some of these sites offer premium fonts too. If you are enough rich to buy those premium fonts you can do that too.

1. LipiGhor

LipiGhor Bangla Font | TechneSiyam

LipiGhor means "House of Fonts". This sites design is as beautiful as the fonts included here. So, we included this site in the first place. LipiGhor has 37fonts which are downloaded almost 1million times. This site also has Try feature where you can convert your text into your favourite fonts. You can copy those fonts and use them anywhere without installing the font.

However, LipiGhor also provides premium fonts and Bangla Keyboard. 

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2. Okkhor52

Okkhor52 Bangla Font | TechneSiyam

This website "Okkhor52" is also made by LipiGhor. But this website is totally free. Anyone can use all of its fonts anywhere freely. This site also has awesome collection Bangla fonts.
Bangla Font Library | TechneSiyam

This website has 44 beautiful Bangla fonts. This site is famous to Graphic Designers and it is useful for Caligraphy.

4. OmicronLab

Omricon Lab Bangla Font | TechneSiyam

Many people have heard of Omricon Lab. Because this company made the most used keyboard for Bangla typing "Avro Keyboard". And this site is from the same company where you will be able to download 21 types of font.

5. FreeBanglaFont

Free Bangla Font | TechneSiyam

Yes, the last website is totally for free fonts as its name suggests. This site has many famous fonts which you can download free.

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