How to Change Android User-Agent

Changing Android User-Agent | TechneSiyam

What Is User-Agent?

User-Agent or UA is a special kind of string, which indicates server what kind of browser and device the user is using.

We know that, different devices have different sized screen. Moreover, all devices don't support every component of a webpage. So, the server needs to know your device to show you the perfect and usable webpage for you. And, thats the reason User-Agent is created and important. As an example; If you are reading this blog from Mobile than the webpage's design is different from the one who is reading it from Desktop. So, in this blog we will learn how to change the User-Agent from android smartphones.

Changing Android User-Agent

Step-1: Its not possible to change android's user-agent without any third-party app. So, we will need one special browser to change our UA. The browser is named "Dolphin" browser. This browser will allow us to change our UA. So, first of all lets download this browser from play store.

Dolphin Browser | TechneSiyam

After downloading & installing the dolphin browser open it. Then, press on the middle dolphin icon (It looks like a fish, if you don't know dolphin, lol).

Dolphin Browser | TechneSiyam

Step-3: When you click on the dolphin icon you will see Settings button (Looks like gear).

Dolphin Browser | TechneSiyam

Step-4:  You will find two tabs in settings - "General" & "Advance". Click on Advance tab to edit advance settings.

Step-5: Under the Advance tab you will see a section named "Customize". The first setting you will see in customize is "User Agent", Click on that.

Dolphin Browser | TechneSiyam

Step-6: If you click on the "User Agent" you will see some default & most used user agents, like - Android, Desktop, Iphone, Ipad. Select the UA you want to use. That's it.

Dolphin Browser | TechneSiyam

You will see another option named 'Custom' where you can use any UA you want.

User-Agent Check

As we have changed UA, it's time to test it. So, to check the User-Agent click on the button below -

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