Epic Games Will Giveway HITMAN For Free

HITMAN free on Epic Games | TechneSiyam

Epic Games has a great strategy to promote their Game Store. They giveway 1 or 2 games free every week. Some of the giveways include big games like GTA V. In the next week, they are gonna give HITMAN 2016 (Game of The Year Edition) for free.

Hitman was a superhit game in 2016. In the game you play as a secret agent named Agent 47. This game is really interesting to play. And you will be able to play the game totally free from Epic Games.

This giveway is happening for HITMAN 3 because Epic Games will exclusively release the game in their store. HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition is now $67 on Steam with 20% sale. So, we have a great chance to save a huge amount of money.

Epic Games will also giveway Shadowrun Collection in the same week. You can get it here.

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